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Veneers Info From Choctaw Dental

Learn about veneers from Dr. Jon Clarke & his team at Choctaw Dental who provide you comprehensive dental treatment in Choctaw, OK.



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There are two types of veneers. Porcelain veneers are custom shaped in a laboratory and then put on the patients tooth in the dentist’s office. Composite veneers are made from two or more materials blended together. They are sometimes formed in the laboratory, and sometimes applied directly to the patient while shaping takes place.

Who Needs Which Veneers

While veneers are considered a cosmetic dental prosthetic, because of their great improvement in appearance, they can also repair a lot of minor to moderate damage. Porcelain veneers are the longest lasting and may be a good option for patients with extensive issues. They are custom formed in the laboratory and provide a permanent fix that allows these patients to bite and chew normally, while also improving their appearance.

For a patient with minor wear, superficial cracks, or chips, a resin composite veneer may work best. They are less expensive, can be done more easily, and provide excellent results for patients with small issues. They are formed directly on the teeth and provide an excellent value for patients seeking a more beautiful smile.


In addition to providing a brighter, whiter smile, dental veneers can also help to correct some troubling issues. Minor cracks and chips are sealed and covered through veneer installation, repairing damage and preventing worsening of the condition. The shape and size of worn teeth can be restored, giving the patient a more natural appearance.

Through wear and genetic predisposition, some patients are prone to teeth that are unevenly spaced. The application of veneers can completely camouflage this condition, giving the patient an evenly spaced, brilliant smile. Veneers can also mask damage due to smoking, coffee and tea drinking and other behaviors that cause staining to dental enamel.

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